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  Find out why ZETAGS are exported to over 45 countries world-wide. Tags and systems that work perfectly with miniature label systems. Expect the best.
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ZETAGS are used in many industries requiring small high quality tags and labels with super durability. With up to 6 hours wash time in ultra-sonics and heat resistance to 93C (200F) you can leave your tag problems behind. You'll find that ZETAGS cost little more than tags made of cheap materials. Nothing makes your Jewellery look tired like cheap, faded, opened and dirty tags. After all the tag is the closest marketing tool to your products.
Although designed predominantly for Jewelry, ZETAGS high durability tags have been used for a variety of purposes including DNA and other medical uses, spectacles, writing instruments etc.

ZETAGS are manufactured for both hand write use and thermal transfer printers.

Thermal transfer printers use a ribbon with thermally receptive ink to heat transfer the ink into our top coated Polyester. We can supply products for any thermal transfer printer or you can purchase a complete package from ZETAGS. Hand write tags uses special fine tipped alcohol based ink markers for best performace.

Thermal Transfer Hand Write Tags

ZETAGS are manufactured for both hand write use and thermal transfer printers.

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Etiquetas Para Joyeria, Schmuck Etiketten, Etiquetas joias, Etiquettes Bijoux, Etichette Gioielli, 珠宝标签, đồ trang sức nhãn, Tem nữ trang الكلمات المجوهرات, 珠寶標籤, ジュエリータグ, ป้ายเครื่องประดับ. Find out Why ZETAGS are preferred in over 40 countries World-Wide and LOOK YOUR BEST
The world's highest durability tags and labels for Jewelry, Watches, Spectacles, Giftware and Pens