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Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
Cloud Browser: Google Chrome for PC or Mac
Alternate Browsers: Untested although most work okay.
Data Compatability: Question before print manual entry only.
Label Templates: Available for all ZETAGS Products
License: Free for certified ZETAG customers only.


Program Link: https://cloudtt.zetags.com
Download a Tag Template: Find the ZETAGS label you currently use and then use the download links.

ZETAGS Cloud TT Lite


ZETAGS Cloud TT is the only true cloud based program to generate high quality printed tags for both P.C and Mac.  Simply load the ZETAGS program into Google Chrome web browser and you can be printing in minutes.

Tag and Label templates are available for all popular ZETAGS shapes and sizes. Forget software issues, move to the cloud and the simplicity of ZETAGS Cloud TT.
This is a free Lite version for all registered ZETAGS customers only