Login for Remote Support


Logging in for ZETAGS remote support is easy. Just follow the simple steps below


In some cases remote support is a paid service whereas email and web support is free for ZETAGS customers

STEP 1 Request Your Support Link
Once remote support is agreed you will receive a link similar to the one below


Simply click the link or copy and paste the link into your PC or Mac web browser (Google Chrome preferred)

Your 9 digit code is included in the link

ZETAGS support Connection

STEP 2 Download the Support Software

Click the “Start Download” blue button shown in step 1

Depending on your browser you will see an Open or Run link.
You must locate the downloaded file and run it, or we can’t see you.

If all else fails, check the “Downloads” folder

ZETAGS support Connection Open Run

STEP 3 Ready Confirmation

You should receive confirmation similar to what is shown below, depending on your browser.

Please be patient and do not disconnect. We may be assisting other in queue

ZETAGS support Connection Waiting

When your issue has been resolved and the session is complete, you can simply close the window to disconnect permanently.