ZETAGS Cloud Print Blocked by Google

ERROR: No print after entering data

The usual cause of this is no internet connection, or Google blocking the Javascript used to create a print batch.

As we move more to a cloud based environment it’s very helpful for users to understand how Google handles permissions.
You may or may not see a “Popup Blocked” message in the top right of Google Chrome but honestly, it’s hard to spot. Even if you then click allow it you lose the batch you just entered and it can always return after an update.

For this reason you should make sure popup are allowed by following the instructions below


Open Google Chrome settings as shown below.

2. Click “Privacy and Security” as shown below and the “Site Settings” arrow
Google Site Settings
3. Click the “Pop-ups and redirects arrow as shown below
Google Pop Ups and Redirects
4. Click the “Add” button as shown below.
Google Pop Ups Allow
4.  Copy and paste the following


and click the “Add” button

Google Pop Ups Allow ZETAGS

You should now be able to close Settings and avoid future blocks of the Javascript code that allows printing.